The Tin Music and Arts and Synthcurious present… Deliaphonic

16255J - Deliaphonic A3 poster V2-01

Tickets available here


Q&A with Pete Kember

Interesting insight into the work of Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) at the Q&A at Synthcurious, transcript to follow soon…



New release Aion LPF and Oscillator Modules


The new LPF and Oscillator modules from Aion Modular will be on show at the Synthcurious meet on Saturday 21st March, 13:00 to 17:00.

Aion takes inspiration from iconic Moog module designs, adapting and scaling them down to the Eurorack format while keeping that classic sound.

The modules are currently on limited release, and Synthcurious are excited to have them on show at the event – come along and have a listen!

A larger production run of the modules will be announced soon, for further information, visit

(should not be confused with the Mini Moog™ Low Pass filter).