Tim Seeley//Death to us All

Tim Seeley will be playing live at the London Road Cemetery this Saturday.

Death to Us All – Is a sonic performance in the mortuary chapel. It will be a set of reflective films and music performances with no start or end. The listeners are invited to share a space that will be filled with sonic and visual media throughout the day. 

The music is a mix of recordings and live performance using modular synthesiser, acoustic piano, voice (Martin Green) and electronics. The films will be a set of non linear visual ideas relating to the basic elements and simplicity.

This is a reflection of what it is to just be here and now without modernity and its projected needs. A conversation with AI responses about life, the soul and death. A mix of Jung and other philosophies and theologies associated with us all and the soul.

FREE | Drop in
This event is free of charge and not ticketed.