Synthcurious vs CovC60

Many thanks to Spencer for having us along to his event launch yesterday, it was good to see it so well attended, and great to have so many people taking an interest in what we were doing.


We decided to use Spencer’s tape as a starting point, and produced a live patch using it, which was good fun. We never intended to record it, as it was more about the live performance, but here is a snapshot…

Coventry: City-Specific Listening


Spencer Graham

We have been busy planning our next Synthcurious event, but take a break today in support of Spencer Graham’s event at The Tin.


We will be there from 2-4pm, and will have some hardware with us. Come along and have a play, and ask us about our plans for this year.

To find out more about Spencer Graham’s work as part of City Arcadia, visit