Modular Monday//Dark Carpentry

Thanks to everyone who came alone last Monday. It was great to see so many people taking an interest in what we were doing.

Visual Sequence and S-AMM.


Tomorrow it’s the turn of Dark Carpentry, Simon Forsyth and Martin Swan (below).

12 noon onwards.

Visual Sequence//Brume

Visual Sequence, also known as Rhiannon B. is a visual and sound artist, living and working in Coventry (the birthplace of Delia Derbyshire). It’s hard to believe that this collection of four perfectly-mastered pieces, inspired by the different states of sea mist, is her first official release. 

The composer used primarily the Lyra 8 & Pulsar 23 analog synthesizers. The delightfully capricious nature of these instruments, developed by SOMA Laboratory, injects an organic component into the music. Immerse yourself in the splendid and mysterious soundscapes, which are adorned with profound textures, ethereal atmospheres, and emotional harmonies. 

Recorded at Eastern Telephone Works, Coventry.