No more heroes…

Dave Greenfield

Just a few days after losing the world’s best drummer, Tony Allen, we lose the best rock keyboard player, Dave Greenfield from The Stranglers.

These guys put it better than I can…

JJ “On the evening of Sunday May 3rd, my great friend and longstanding colleague of 45 years, the musical genius that was Dave Greenfield, passed away as one of the victims of the Great Pandemic of 2020.”

Jet Black “Dave was a complete natural in music. Together, we toured the globe endlessly and it was clear he was adored by millions. A huge talent, a great loss, he is dearly missed.”

Hugh Cornwall “He was the difference between The Stranglers and every other punk band.┬áHis musical skill and gentle nature gave an interesting twist to the band. He should be remembered as the man who gave the world the music of Golden Brown.”

Golden Brown